[Music Monday] Rainy Day Playlist

As we ease into the fall and winter feeling, rain is an inevitable factor. There are two types of people in this world. Those who love rain and those who don’t. I am the person who absolutely loves the rain. It makes me feel like I want to just crawl into bed in my snuggie and read a nice book, listen to some nice music, or watch some nice Korean dramas. When I get from from school on a rainy day, I feel so much more at home than I would on a hot day. So, you may call me a pluviophile?


So probably not an actual word, but it illustrates how I feel about the rain. Here are some songs that you can listen to on a rainy day.

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Behind the Header Image


My header image for this blog contains a combination of different Korean celebrities. The five that I chose specifically are used to represent a different part of Korean entertainment that I am familiar with. So, who exactly are these people? Here’s an explanation on why I chose them, who they are, and what part of the entertainment industry they represent for me.

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[Music Monday] When? Where? How?

Block B had a recent successful comeback with Very Good which included a solo from one their rappers, Park Kyung. For the past two weeks it’s been the go to song for me and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a nice feel-good song that I would love to listen to while laying on a hammock under some palm trees and drinking bubble tea.

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Wonder Girls’ Sunye gives birth!


I am so incredibly happy for her. My first K-pop girl group I ever listened to or liked was Wonder Girls. She was even my bias! News of her marriage to James Park had already given me a pleasing surprise, but the news of her pregnancy was just wonderful. Sunye has finally given birth to a beautiful daughter whom she named Hailey. However, the news is also quite bittersweet.

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[Music Monday] Song Jieun tells guys to stop giving her “False Hope”

Song Jieun released her music video for “희망고문,” or “False Hope,” on September 29th. This comeback did not disappoint. I found that the song really fitted her well and the music video portrayed the feelings of the song well. The beginning already had me fallen in love with the smooth acoustics and beat. I had my eye on her from “Going Crazy” with Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P and B.A.P’s “Secret Love” so I was anticipating her return. Not only did she look absolutely GORGEOUS, the song showed this focus on her not seen in “Going Crazy” and a new mature and sexy look. Not only did she look beautiful, her stage outfits were stunning.PicMonkey Collage

Make sure to check out her two other songs in her first album, Vintage ft. Zelo of B.A.P and Date Mate!

The K-pop Lingo

kpop vocab

I’ve come to the realization that K-pop fangirls have their own vocabulary. At first, I thought they were normal, but when I used them around my friends, they had no clue what I was really talking about. So then, here’s a list of K-pop lingo that I will use in my blog. As I find the need to define more, I will add on with another post.

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