Wonder Girls’ Sunye gives birth!


I am so incredibly happy for her. My first K-pop girl group I ever listened to or liked was Wonder Girls. She was even my bias! News of her marriage to James Park had already given me a pleasing surprise, but the news of her pregnancy was just wonderful. Sunye has finally given birth to a beautiful daughter whom she named Hailey. However, the news is also quite bittersweet.

Although she most definitely deserves this joy, I feel sad at the thought that Wonder Girls will probably disband. With Sunye being a mother, I wouldn’t think that she would want to or be able to double as a K-pop star. I feel so nostalgic watching old Wonder Girls music videos and the time where Wonder Bang (Wonder Girls + Big Bang) was my favorite thing to watch of all time. It brings me back to times when Sunmi was still a part of the team. I have a small ounce of hope that JYP will allow Sunye her leave and put Sunmi back in to rejoin Wonder Girls. There will still be a hole in Wonder Girls because she was the leader but I would really love to see Wonder Girls continue on! That hope is still there from Sunmi’s comeback with “24 Hours.” Speaking of which, she promoted at the same time as Seungri! Oh the feels!

tumblr_mrzfdjrH9N1rukjw7o2_500 tumblr_mrzfdjrH9N1rukjw7o1_500

However, Wonder Girls is no longer at their prime time and not as famous as they were before. I feel as though that’s happening with many older K-pop groups. If you haven’t heard, Dongho has already left U-Kiss and Nicole didn’t renew her personal contract with DSP (but she’s still a part of KARA?). The older groups have been dying down as rookies take the spotlight. Ah, it makes me sad thinking about groups disbanding. Because I wasn’t around for the DBSK break up, my heart hurts thinking about experiencing my first disbandment.


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