[Music Monday] When? Where? How?

Block B had a recent successful comeback with Very Good which included a solo from one their rappers, Park Kyung. For the past two weeks it’s been the go to song for me and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a nice feel-good song that I would love to listen to while laying on a hammock under some palm trees and drinking bubble tea.

I hadn’t become a major Block B fan until I watched “Nillili Mambo and couldn’t stop watching. In that music video, I saw a goofy red headed boy eyeing a chicken while sharpening a knife and then chasing it with a frying pan. But when this idiot started his rap, I was like “Woah, Block B has another rapper?” Yes, Block B has another rapper aside from Zico and P.O.  After having a majority of the Blockbuster album on my playlist and listening to some of his mixtape, I let out an inhumane shriek when I saw “[Park Kyung Solo]” on the new tracklist.

The song had exceeded my standards. The jazzy song opened up with Kyung’s nice soft voice and transitioned to the more powerful chorus.  I looked forward to the fact that Jo Hyunah from Urban Zakapa was featured and appeared in the second verse. Her strong vocals added to the nice jazzy feel the track gave off and provided a nice contrast to Kyung’s rap in the second half.

So then I looked up the lyrics and wow Kyung. what a provocative song. It made the presence of Jo Hyunah even better. The presence of both the male and female vocals created two perspectives and a nice mood. It made the song more realistic. How can you sing a flirtatious song like that by yourself? Overall, my favorite song from him and most definitely my favorite song on the album,

Also on the Album

Very Good

Nice Day

Be the Light



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