Behind the Header Image


My header image for this blog contains a combination of different Korean celebrities. The five that I chose specifically are used to represent a different part of Korean entertainment that I am familiar with. So, who exactly are these people? Here’s an explanation on why I chose them, who they are, and what part of the entertainment industry they represent for me.


G-dragon is leader and one of the rappers of the famous Big Bang. One of the most famous boy groups from South Korea, they have won numerous awards internationally. The five boys were my first favorite group and I always have a special place in my heart for them. They had the Samsung Galaxy Alive World Tour last year, which I had the privilege of attending.

Why G-dragon? Well first of all, he’s my bias. As Big Bang is representing K-pop, G-dragon is representing Big Bang. On the header, G-dragon is going to be the K-pop side of my blog. I love him as an artist. His albums never fail to have songs constantly on replay by me. He’s quite accomplished making billions at the ripe age of 25. Producing many of Big Bang’s hits, G-dragon is a great representative for the K-pop industry with his colorful and crazy concepts.

Check Out
A Boy



If you think G-dragon is K-hiphop, you have not heard K-hiphop. Beenzino is a name you might find featured in many K-pop songs you know. However, this guy is all K-hiphop. Along with The Quiett, and Dok2, other names you might know, he’s a part of Illionaire RecordsHe has collaborated with 100%, Lee Hyori, Epik High, and K.Will, and even touches with a Jazzy RnB style with Jazzyfact, a duo consisting of him and Shimmytwice. One of my first introductions into a whole new world of Korean music, Beenzino is the first name that comes to mind when naming Korean rappers.

Check out
Boogie On and On
아까워 (Akkawo)


Not Hip Hop, not Pop, but Indie. 10cm is a duo with unique voices and and songs. The two members, Kwon Jung Yeol and Yoon Cheol Jong, usually create their masterpieces with acoustic sounds. 10cm was named due the difference between the two’s heights. With the first song I heard from them, “Americano,” it supported the idea of K-indie sounded similar to what you would like to hear drinking morning coffee in a coffee shop. As Indie music begins to rise in the American music industry, K-indie continues to rise in my heart. 10cm wraps up the music portion of the header.

Check Out
Tonight, I’m Afraid of the Dark

Lee Jong Suk

lee jong suk2

I actually did not know who Lee Jong Suk was a year ago and probably most people didn’t know him too well either. Lee Hyun Woo and he were the two actors that I were choosing between but Lee Jong Suk had an easier picture so i chose him. However, his popularity recent exploded due to dramas such as School 2013 (OTP with Kim Woo Bin to the max) and I Can Hear Your Voice. Watching them both, I become quite a fan. I Hear Your Voice did incredibly well with it’s refreshing plot and he seemed to have popped up everywhere! Many people probably would’ve thought I would put Lee Min Ho, but I chose Lee Jong Suk, who is going to be starring in the new film, No Breathing aside Seo In Guk. If you haven’t read the synopsis, it’s pretty much Iwatobi Swim Club in real life. Look forward to him and the movie!

Yoo Jae Suk 

One of the permanent cast members of Running Man and also the guy in the yellow suit in PSY’s music videos, Yoo Jae Suk is known to be quite the funny guy. “Nation’s MC” is one of the many nicknames he has from being in variety shows such as Infinite Challenge, Family Outing, and Happy Together. I’m a giant fan of Running Man and Yoo Jae Suk is most definitely one of the members that stand out. “Yooruce Willis” knows how to make me laugh for the entire hour of the episode. When trying to find some games to play for church, Running Man is sometimes a good study tool. One of the things I like about Jae Suk is that he isn’t outwardly and outrageously weird using actions to be funny, but his words and the way he says it makes me want to cry. “The Grasshopper” is the representative for Korean comedy.


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