[Music Monday] Rainy Day Playlist

As we ease into the fall and winter feeling, rain is an inevitable factor. There are two types of people in this world. Those who love rain and those who don’t. I am the person who absolutely loves the rain. It makes me feel like I want to just crawl into bed in my snuggie and read a nice book, listen to some nice music, or watch some nice Korean dramas. When I get from from school on a rainy day, I feel so much more at home than I would on a hot day. So, you may call me a pluviophile?


So probably not an actual word, but it illustrates how I feel about the rain. Here are some songs that you can listen to on a rainy day.

B2ST – On Rainy Days

A classic for rainy days. I found that it gained popularity as one of the slow K-pop songs a lot of people enjoy. I’ve found many covers online. The acoustics give you such a nice feeling and their vocals contribute to the song well. Most definitely something to listen to laying in bed while the raindrops pound on your window. Good if you want to feel dramatic.

Verbal Jint – Walking in the Rain ft. Bumkey

As a fan of Verbal Jint and Bumkey, I was already hooked on this song when I watched the teaser for it. A head-bobbing electronic feel with what sounds like a violin flow together so I imagine myself skipping through the rain with my umbrella. I love Bumkey.

One Way – Rainy Days ft. Jun.K of 2pm

A not so known group, but still greatly talented. The song is very RnB influenced and I can feel the emotion from. Just close your eyes and listen to the piano and vocals in the beginning as it eases in to the song. There’s also an acoustic English version, always great news to international fans like me.

Epik High – Let It Rain ft. Kim Jong Wan of NELL

Of course if it’s by Epik High, it has to be emotional. I added in a video of the English subtitles because you really need to read the masterpiece that Epik High always writes. Kim Jong Wan and Epik High really compliment each other. Vocals complimenting the rap. I am a big fan of both Epik High and NELL. Especially Tablo. I love him.

Andrew Choi – Rain on a Sleepless Night

I absolutely love this song. It was one of my obsession songs for awhile. It gives off such a nice feeling and makes me really happy when I listen to it. Why? I don’t really know. It’s one of those songs. Good for uplifting spirits on rainy days if you don’t like them. Doesn’t sound like a song about rain at all, but it’s actually pretty sad as he sits on a sleepless night feeling all gloomy watching the rain and longing for his love. Check out the original and also covers by Goo Hye Sun with Seungri, and Jay Park!

Bi Rain РRainism 

What is a playlist for rain without Rain? Probably has nothing to do with rain BUT c’mon, it’s Rain. When you hear of Rain you think about dancing. Not much to say but guys, it’s Rain.


Also check out

Ailee – Rainy Days

SNSD – Let It Rain


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