[Music Monday] Love Love

Sorry for the late Music Monday! I was quite busy yesterday but here’s a new song for ya.

With a the song “You’re Beautiful” by Phil Wickham being the Music Monday highlight on my personal blog, let’s make the K-pop Music Monday song of this week, “Love Love” by Kim Phil.

I first heard this song on a fancam video of Jeongguk from BTS and desperately tried to find where it was from. The short preview that I heard got stuck in my head, but I sadly couldn’t find the full version. Then a friend of mine suggested using Shazam which surprisingly has a wide range of Korean music. It easily found the song. So here it is now! All I can say is that Kim Phil’s voice is lovely. He’s added onto my list of K-indie singers that I beat myself up for never finding before.


[Music Monday] Beware of Kidoh

Topp Dogg is a new hip hop group that recently debuted. They caught attention by being one of the larger groups with 13 members and also being under Stardom Entertainment. Block B’s former company and EVOL’s current company, mainly known for their hip hop style. Topp Dogg has been anticipated for awhile and has shown a little of their face in public pre-debut. One of the members that caught my attention before their debut was Jin Hyosang, better known as Kidoh. He was actually set to debut with Bangtan Boys, but ended up leaving the group before that happened. A little after Topp Dogg’s debut, Stardom released a video of a Kidoh solo written and composed by him.

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Why are you in Japan!?

As much as we love Japan, we hate it when K-pop celebrities go over seas. Well, I know I do. What does “starting promotions in Japan” even mean? It means no Korean promotions. NO. KOREAN. PROMOTIONS. It feels as though they disappear off the face of the Earth for the time being, and not because they’re preparing for a comeback. Here are my thoughts about Japanese promotions.

K-pop group BIGBANG performs at the Tokyo Dome in Japan

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[Music Monday] Royal Pirates has been “On My Mind” all week

A long time ago I remember coming across the rock band while surfing Youtube. However, the song I heard, “Disappear” didn’t catch my attention as much. But then I heard their song “Shout Out” on a Tumblr blog and I was like Hmm, this sounds pretty good. And after that song came “On My Mind” and I got hooked onto it

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