You Know You’re a K-pop Fan When…..

The K-pop Fandom contains many things that are peculiar to the normal human being. However, K-pop fans don’t view those things as anything a part from seeing their bias’s face. Here are 10 things K-pop fans can relate to.


1. Your head turns immediately at the sound of the word “Korea”

Let’s face it, just the mention of the word “Korea” is enough to make you excited. There’s a possible open opportunity to talk about your obsession. Korea is the only thing on your mind.


2. You watch Simon and Martina

The popular couple uploads Youtube videos weekly, mostly known for their K-pop Music Monday. They hilariously parody the music video and provide their own insight. They also give away free albums and interview some korean celebrities. All the K-pop fans have to know this couple. Ya Nasties

I’m not ugly.. I’m exotic!

3. Subtitles are your best friend. 

This is for international friends. If you are Korean and like K-pop, GOOD FOR YOU. Every K-pop fan girl has gone through the struggle of scouring the internet in search of the “[ENG SUB]” or “English Subtitles” next to the video title. Appreciate those subbing teams because they are angels. Without them, we might think what our bias is saying actually makes sense. Or not…

4. Your parents think you’re crazy

Y’all know what I’m talking about. We have all had that moment where we’re sitting on the computer watching Oppa and all of a sudden we’re on the floor laughing because he’s such an idiot. Or it could be the other way around when we’re watching and all of a sudden our face is on a pillow crying tears. Such emotional wrecks. No wonder our parents think we’re crazy.

5. You spout random Korean

Watching all those music videos and shows really make you pick up some Korean. After you get those words stuck in your head, you just start using them without even knowing. It just happens. Let it be.

6. You wish you were in Korea. 

The only thing between you and Oppa is the ocean.


7. You have tried to do a K-pop dance cover

At one point in time you probably though, “Omg this dance is cool. I’m going to try to learn it.” Then somewhere along the line your Youtube search bar would contain the words “Dance Version Mirrored.” Then you stand awkwardly in your room trying to learn the moves for a song so that when you play it back you can dance along with your favorite star! But then we all fail at it. Let’s face it, we can’t all be as fab as Jokwon.


8. You have a collection of K-pop gifs

My blog post shows a glimpse of the many K-pop gifs created by fans. They. Are. Hilarious. Check some out here. They’re pretty egotistical. Like this one.

9. You watch variety shows in your room alone.

Mentioned before as one of the reason why you’re parents think you’re crazy, you have probably spent countless hours before constantly watching variety shows with your favorite star. Usually popular groups would have at least one variety show dedicated to them or at least guest starred in something. They’re abnormally hilarious and makes you see your charismatic idol looking stupid.

10. You’ve waited for comeback releases 

12pm KST is a time that many people know. Usually, this is when music videos are released. There you are, sitting in front of your computer, constantly refreshing Youtube as you patiently (not really) wait for the music video to pop up in your subscription box. You’ve carefully planned out what time you need to be there and what day the comeback is but it’s already 12:01 in Korea and the music video isn’t there yet! RAGE. But when it finally pops up…

So, I thought the MV for B.A.P’s Stop It wasn’t going to be released today but I thought I’d check one last time. And this was literally me when I saw it on my subscription box.So, I thought the MV for B.A.P’s Stop It wasn’t going to be released today but I thought I’d check one last time. And this was literally me when I saw it on my subscription box.









What are some other ways to know you’re a K-pop fan? Leave some suggestions in the comments below!


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