Why are you in Japan!?

As much as we love Japan, we hate it when K-pop celebrities go over seas. Well, I know I do. What does “starting promotions in Japan” even mean? It means no Korean promotions. NO. KOREAN. PROMOTIONS. It feels as though they disappear off the face of the Earth for the time being, and not because they’re preparing for a comeback. Here are my thoughts about Japanese promotions.

K-pop group BIGBANG performs at the Tokyo Dome in Japan

Don’t get me wrong, I love Japan. I just do not enjoy a favorite K-pop group of mine promoting in Japan because I feel as though they pretty much disappear from the internet. It can take a very long time for them to return to Korea and make a domestic comeback. Take 2pm for an example. They came out with Hands Up in 2011 and didn’t come back in Korea until Grown this year. What were they doing during that time span? Promoting in Japan. That is what they were doing. It’ not like they haven’t released anything, but it really isn’t as large scale as a domestic comeback. Sometimes, my favorite songs are from Japanese promotions, like “Beautiful” from 2pm, but a majority of the Japanese album is a combination of previous songs translated in Japanese. Videos from Japan aren’t usually released as often on Youtube, and they aren’t going on Korean variety shows. This time span makes me lose that love I had for them so much before. It’s quite noticeable how much attention Japanese promotions get internationally compared to Korean promotions based on Youtube views.

The reason I bring up Japanese promotions is because I received news of B.A.P starting Japanese promotions awhile back, and I worry about when I’ll see them again. So, this is a farewell to B.A.P. Have fun in Japan! I hope to see them again in the next year.

B.A.P Japanese Tour Promo


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