[Music Monday] Beware of Kidoh

Topp Dogg is a new hip hop group that recently debuted. They caught attention by being one of the larger groups with 13 members and also being under Stardom Entertainment. Block B’s former company and EVOL’s current company, mainly known for their hip hop style. Topp Dogg has been anticipated for awhile and has shown a little of their face in public pre-debut. One of the members that caught my attention before their debut was Jin Hyosang, better known as Kidoh. He was actually set to debut with Bangtan Boys, but ended up leaving the group before that happened. A little after Topp Dogg’s debut, Stardom released a video of a Kidoh solo written and composed by him.

I used a reuploaded subbed video, find the original upload here.

The English translation of the title is, “From a Trainee to an Artist.” Many rappers have that one song that expresses their hardships as a struggling artist that finally made it. This is Kidoh’s. It was really touching to read the lyrics that he rapped. From the start of his inspiration, to his hard work, to his obstacles, Kidoh expresses it all. When I was reading the lyrics it was easy for me to visualize the scenes and emotions he was feeling as a young artist (he turns 21 this year). The main focus of the song was on the line “Even if the world try to erase my logo, beware. Beware.” After finally becoming a debuted artist, he won’t let anyone stop him from making his impact and mark on the world. I absolutely love the raspy voice he uses to sing parts of the chorus. It’s interesting how his voice is deep when he has such an adorable baby face. Let’s be honest, when I first saw him I wasn’t drawn in by his rap, but by his face. Look at him, he’s so cute! ❤

Check out his solo on the Topp Dogg album “A Girl Like You” and Topp Dogg’s debut “Say It” (link to the Choreography practice because I think you see them better with a stable camera, my baby’s at 0:55).


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