Beauty of Dance Practices

dance practice

One of the many things that we love in K-pop are the dance practice videos. Lately, they’ve become even more common than before with most promotional songs having a dance practice video released along with it. We love them but they’re usually simple videos of the K-pop star in the practice room. Most of the time you can’t even see their faces clearly. So why do we like them so much?

Dance practice videos come in a different variety. Some of them are recorded all out with different camera angles. It’s almost the same as a music show performance but without screaming fans.

Some are low quality videos that don’t even add in the official audio and they’re all in sweats.

I actually am more fond of the low quality videos because the camera is still. There are no weird angles, close-ups, or spinning tricks. Just the dance. It really makes you appreciate it more. MBLAQ’s “Run” dance practice became one of my favorite videos to watch. However, I still enjoy watching dance practices that have a little more effort put into them.

The reason why we love these practice videos is because we see a glimpse into the lives of the idols. We look at it in a new perspective. Instead of stage outfits and make up, they’re wearing sweats and tank tops. Instead of trying to look cool, they’re working hard to perfect their performance. You can see their different styles and maybe their weird personalities. . .

After awhile you even get used to the practice studios. I mean I think we’ve got it all down when you know the dimly lit rooms are from YG, the cloud background is from SM, and the ones with couches are from JYP.


What are some of your favorite K-pop dances?


3 thoughts on “Beauty of Dance Practices

    • Hi mackb! Glad you think they’re awesome too! My favorite group and bias change so much it’s hard to determine. Usually a group becomes my favorite when they’re active. Right now I don’t actually have a particular one but my most recent ultimate bias was Bang Yong Guk and the most recent comeback I liked was from Block B (:

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