Korean boys that are prettier than me

flower boy K-pop faces  many criticism toward the feminine male idols. They spend more time on their hair and apply more make up than me. How are there so many flower boys in the Korean entertainment industry, and why are they all prettier than me?! Not necessarily a bad thing, but come on. We must all get that little weird feeling when you sometimes accidentally mistake one of them as a girl when you scroll too fast on Tumblr. Here’s a list of my personal favorites. 

1. Myungsoo from INFINITE myungsooI actually think Sungjong is more of a pretty boy but sorry I’ve been swayed. Myungsoo is my bias from INFINITE.

2. L.Joe from Teen Top ljoe

3. Ren from nu’est 


4. Lee Minhyuk from BtoB


5. LuHan from Exo-M


6. Taemin from SHINee


7. Heechul from Super Junior


8. Kevin Woo from U-Kiss
9. Jaejoong from JYJ
10. Lee Hyun Woo
An actor and he has more of a baby face, but it’s still prettier than me.
Here’s a bonus collage of the boys dressed as girls! (Couldn’t find Ren or L.joe so I replaced them with Sungjong)
girl kpop
Who else should be on this list?

2 thoughts on “Korean boys that are prettier than me

  1. this is so true lmao,your blog was the best thing that happened to me,personally as a kpop fan myself.totally following.mind checking out my blog as well?i write about kpop too,so you’ll like it for sure.peace!

    • HAHA wow your comment really made my day 🙂 I’m not on wordpress too much anymore (although I am still crazy about K-pop) but I’m glad someone enjoys the stuff I’ve posted. Will make sure to check out your blog ❤

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