[Music Monday] Suicides (Losing Someone Part I)

Howdy Y’all. So for some reason, the past week or two has been full of loss. It seemed to be a topic of conversation occurring in many different forms wherever I went. I found it quite interesting and it got me thinking quite a bit. Due to the odd number of experiences I’ve had in the past two weeks, this will probably be an ongoing thing having multiple posts. Don’t worry, I myself haven’t experienced a loss recently.

So let’s start this off with a Music Monday coming from Nell. Nell is somewhat of a K-rock band consisting of 4 members and under the same label as Infinite, Woollim. The song I want to talk about is “The Day Before.” Although there are a lot of  music videos that pertain to the topic of losing someone, I just found “The Day Before” to be so beautifully shot.

Let’s start off by saying, I was completely confused at what happened and had to look through the comments trying to find explanations. When I found one, I had that “Ohhh” moment and the understanding “Wow” moment. Now, that was just the explanation of what happened. There are so many interpretations that go into such depth of the music video, ranging from certain shots, the book Lee Min Ki was reading, or symbolism in the objects found throughout. A quick Google search can get you to analysis such as this one and this onehowever I will not go that in depth (even if I was able to).

The actor, Lee Min Ki, was leaving a suicide video of him reading and writing in a book, speaking, and then drinking the poison he poured into his coffee. Song Jae-Rim sets up the table the same way it is in the video, and reenacts the moment Min Ki takes his life. As he stares at the imaginary Min Ki, Jae-Rim is responding to the Min Ki in the video. When Min Ki’s head falls back to signal his death, Jae-Rim drops the small toy elephant he was playing with, and tears being to slide down his cheeks.

nellLee Min Ki (left) and Song Jae-Rim (right) seemingly having a normal meal together

The video can be viewed as Jae-Rim’s attempt of recreating a memory, reenacting a normal conversation with a friend  (or possibly lover according to some) as if nothing will happen. What could possibly be the point of this? It’s to savor the fact that this person is no longer there. A normal conversation with someone no longer in this world can be one of the most sought out things. When I faced a loss, I regret not understanding that there are certain things that your world has become limited to when someone leaves this world. You can no longer walk with them, talk with them, eat with them, look at them. They’re gone. At the same time, there’s nothing you can do. As Jae-Rim watched Min Ki, they have an inaudible conversation, Jae-Rim responding to Min Ki’s last words. However, as many times as he responds and speaks, nothing can be done. One of the scenes that got me the most, was the end where Jae-Rim has tears dropping from his eyes as he senses the feelings of regret, loss of hope, and being alone.

Once again, I found this video to have been beautifully shot. The viewer does not know that Min Ki is not actually there the entire time. It seems though it’s just two friends having a nice conversation over breakfast. However, the lighting and the mood of the song adds a lingering feeling of darkness. As the video continues, their faces are no longer laughing but becoming more and more serious, until everything is revealed. The music is fantastic and also beautiful. The variety of instruments, the tempo, the vocals, everything came together so well to create this emotion. Just listening to the song without watching the video is already making me want to be on the verge of tears. Ahh, this really is one of my favorite K-pop Music Videos.

Sorry for a bit of a sad post and the series that I’m starting will most likely continue on my Personal Blog so check it out there too!

Losing Someone (Part 1.2)


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