[Music Monday] C-Clown!! <3333 asdfhgjjglkfjh

Ahh, it has been awhile and now it’s a New Year! I’ve been pretty MIA a lot from the internet scene mainly due to a hectic Winter Break. Except there were three days thrown in there where I didn’t even leave the house and was probably sleeping more than actually being awake. I wrote an update on my personal blog and was going to write one for this one but then I realized, I don’t really have a plan for this blog. It’s just whatever I feel about K-pop, and of course as fangirls know, there are A LOT of feels. Feeeeeeels. So this post will be my comeback.

Speaking of comebacks, this Music Monday is on C-Clown and their recent video for “Tell Me.” Let me tell you I just flipped when I saw it because I love C-Clown. They need more recognition as a group and I really enjoy their songs. At first I was only hooked on the Australian rapper/dancer Barom Yu, but as I got more into C-Clown as a group, more and more members continue to grow on me. This little pleasant surprise was no disappointment and I really like this song right now.


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