[Music Monday] SPICA


Let me just start off with my belief that Spica is one of the most underrated groups out there. I don’t often listen to girl groups and there are few that I actually enjoy. ***I don’t hate girl groups, I just don’t listen to them all the time. Sorry, girl groups don’t have hot boys.*** Spica is most definitely one of the groups that deserve some credit. They have powerful vocals and songs that leave quite an impression when listening to them.

Spica is managed under B2M Entertainment, home to Lee Hyori, Eric Nam, Heo Young Saeng, and Kim Kyu Jong. The announcement of their debut was something Netizens looked forward to due to their pre-debut work. Jiwon was a member of the almost group Five Girls (with Uee, Hyosung, Yubin, and G.na) and a previous member of T-ara. Kim Boa was a vocal trainer for famous K-pop groups such as Kara, Infinite, and Rainbow while Bo Hyung was almost the 5th member of 2ne1. Narae was on the first season of Superstar K and Juhyun was a guest rapper for Heo Young Saeng.

These girls are definitely not inexperienced in the entertainment world or performing. Their official debut song was “Russian Roulette”, a song that grew on me and drew me in.

And then I was just amazed by their live acapella performance of “Painkiller” in the studio of a radio show.

I actually started off this post as a Music Monday just for Kim Bo Hyung’s solo but then I really couldn’t help but talk about Spica as a group, because I find them way too underrated. Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with their recent comeback with “Tonight,” Bo Hyung brought back their dark and powerful style with her solo “Crazy Girl.” The video and song were chillingly beautiful. Although I am still somewhat confused with what’s really happening in the video.


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