[Music Monday] I Like You Got7 ;)

JYP’s highly anticipated boy group, Got7, finally made their debut with “Girls Girls Girls.” I was looking forward to their debut when I found out JJ Project’s JB and Jr. were a part of Got7. I pretty much waited two years since “Bounce” for their comeback. When I found out they were acting in a Korean drama my parents were watching, I flipped out at the T.V.”Girls Girls Girls” wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for from them, but you have to admit that it grows on you with an undeniably catchy beat. However, the song that I want to talk about is “I Like You.”

All day today at school I was humming to this tune. I actually wanted to show the Garage Showcase video but JYP took it down from Youtube. My favorite part of the song would have to be when the chorus speeds up. I found that to be interesting. Instead of taking a sudden turn to become slower, it took a sudden turn to becoming upbeat and making you want to dance. I also enjoyed the rap segments. “I Like You” was my personal favorite off of Got7’s debut album. P.S. I love Mark.

One thought on “[Music Monday] I Like You Got7 ;)

  1. I agree with you on this, I got super excited after hearing JJ Project was going to be apart of the group and with the song wasn’t amazing it was still good and it grows on you. Their Mini Album is really good too, I feel like maybe having one of those be the title track would have been good too. Good review.

    P.S I love Mark too!

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