Deep Voiced K-pop


One of my favorite parts of K-pop are the deep voices. You usually either hate the deep voice or love the deep voice. I am incredibly fond of those deep voice rappers and sometimes they come from the most surprising person. You may come across a baby-faced idol who turns out to have a voice deeper than the pacific ocean. Here’s a list of my favorite deep voices in K-pop.

In no particular order

1. T.O.P

Duh. T.O.P is the first person many people think of when you mentioned a “deep-voiced Korean”. I love G-dragon, but his voice can come off as nasaly when he raps. T.O.P brings a nice balance making the duo a fan favorite.

2. T.K.

In accordance to me recent Music Monday about C-Clown, T.K makes the list. He is one of the rappers that you have to look out for. He has quite the baby face but his voice is deep.

3. Chanyeol


Another baby faced deep voice. I honestly did not think happy virus had a voice that was deep like this.

4. P.O


Sometimes you hear a random snippet of a deep voice in Block B songs. DO NOT FEAR, it’s aegyeo master and maknae P.O.

5. Baro

Don’t let the smile fool ya.

6. Bang Yong Guk

Yong Guk2

CHYEAH! Let’s not forget our gummy leader with the voice everyone tries to imitate.


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