[Music Monday] 10 Lovely Duets


I am seriously sorry for being a horrible person and not posting ever. I’ve become busy and kind of dropped this blog from my school project and focused on my personal blog. BUT I still want to do Music Mondays and random posts sometimes because K-pop is lovely. Surprisingly, I found it a bit difficult to find topics and ideas to write about since I’m actually not good at reviews. Instead I bring forth Music Mondays to share the K-pop music that is so good but goes unnoticed. However, I haven’t done that great of a job doing so, but here’s a Music Monday for this week!

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[Music Monday] AWWWWWW <3

While trying to search for this great video, I somehow thought I would find it under Lee Seung Chul, who is a completely different person than the one who did that song. While looking up Lee Seung Chul, I came across one of his videos for the song “My Love.” I think I teared up a bit because it was just so sweet what the guy did for his wife. He spent days practicing his vocals, training his dancers, and setting up everything just right to propose to his girlfriend. The first minute and a half of the video showed a quick view of the process preparing day by day and the rest was the actual proposal. The video is also of a REAL COUPLE who Lee Seung Chul helped out. I’m usually not always fond of extravagant surprises but I would LOVE it if a guy did something like this for me. I found it extremely adorable. 🙂 The video seemed to go along with this week because Valentine’s Day is Friday so spend it with your special someone… or by yourself that’s cool too.

[Music Monday] A Lovey Dovey K-pop February

For this week’s Music Monday, I decided to make a playlist for February. February is a month I am quite fond of because it’s the month of my birthday! Yay! Although it is quite sad because I like the months October-February so it’s the last month of the good half of the years for me. It’s also the last month of my favorite season. But love is in the air in February, and so is singleness. Love is most definitely not a rare topic in K-pop. Almost all songs released are about love. Here’s a playlist of my favorite songs with word “Love” in it.

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