[Music Monday] A Lovey Dovey K-pop February

For this week’s Music Monday, I decided to make a playlist for February. February is a month I am quite fond of because it’s the month of my birthday! Yay! Although it is quite sad because I like the months October-February so it’s the last month of the good half of the years for me. It’s also the last month of my favorite season. But love is in the air in February, and so is singleness. Love is most definitely not a rare topic in K-pop. Almost all songs released are about love. Here’s a playlist of my favorite songs with word “Love” in it.

Kim Ye Rim and L – Love U Like U

I don’t know why “you” is spelled “u” but who cares, L is hot. If you haven’t watched Shut Up Flower Boy Band yet, you need to get on Dramafever or whatever website you use and watch it. It’s full of good looking bad boys with musical talent. This song is from that drama sung by sub-couple. We all know the sub-couples are always the cutest because they don’t have all forces of fate and nature going against them like some random arrival of cancer.

Sung Hoon – Fail in Love ft. E-sens

I heard this song form watching Barom Yu from C-Clown dancing to it on a video he posted on Youtube. I like it very much. It reminds me of ballroom music. I would love to be with my loved one on Valentine’s Day jamming out to this in a nice empty ball room at some high class hotel. Too bad I have no boyfriend or money.

Seungri – White Love

Well, we all should know that our BIGBANG maknae is not inexperienced in “love” due to a certain scandal in Japan. Though, that shouldn’t prevent us from loving him and this song.

Kim Phil – LoveLove

I came across this song because someone on Yahoo! Answers asked trying to find out what it was from a Bangtan fancam video. I actually tried looking for it a lot but had no luck. Until I found out that Shazam has an incredibly vast knowledge of Korean music and 5 seconds was all it took to find it. Unfortunately, it took me a couple weeks before being able to figure that out. I listened to a small snippet of this over and over again until I finally found the full song.

Primary – Love ft. Bumkey and Paloalto

One of my first experiences with Primary. I came across this when hearing a cover of it from DMTN’s Jisu. This is one of my favorite songs, a nice Rnb and hip hop tone. Ever since then, I’ve developed a high expectation and respect for Primary and his work. He is a great producer that thinks “outside the box” but not really.


I actually held back a bit on this playlist because I want to make a mixtape of an actual love story later on. My playlist usually have no type of flow and my friend told me mixtapes have to have some beginning and end. I had about 20 songs with word “Love” in it to choose from so look forward to next Music Monday! Comment any suggestions that might be a good addition to the mixtape 😉


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