[Music Monday] 10 Lovely Duets


I am seriously sorry for being a horrible person and not posting ever. I’ve become busy and kind of dropped this blog from my school project and focused on my personal blog. BUT I still want to do Music Mondays and random posts sometimes because K-pop is lovely. Surprisingly, I found it a bit difficult to find topics and ideas to write about since I’m actually not good at reviews. Instead I bring forth Music Mondays to share the K-pop music that is so good but goes unnoticed. However, I haven’t done that great of a job doing so, but here’s a Music Monday for this week!

Soyou x Junggigo – Some ft. Lil Boi

I absolutely love this song! It’s my favorite K-pop song right now and I love Junggigo’s voice with Soyou. They’re the reason for this playlist right now. 

G.na x Rain – If I Have a Lover

There is another version with Yoseob and Gayoon but I’m actually more fond of this one because of Rain’s raspy and deep voice. I just like it and of course I love G.na.

Clazziquai Project – Blessed

They’re actually a trio, the two vocals and the producer, and they’re songs are pretty much always duets. That doesn’t mean they can’t be on here though. I love this song!

Two Months – Brown City

They’re also a group so they have to sound good together. Good thing they do. I approve.

Juniel x Lee Jonghyun – Love Falls

Totally kawaii labelmates

Byul x Kwon Jung Yeol – So Cute

I don’t know much about Byul and probably know like 2 songs with her in it, but I like this one! And I love 10cm.

Eunji x Seo In Guk – All For You

You have to love the K-drama couple

Zia x Huh Gak – I Need You

I almost forgot this one! It’s really great with a bit of a RnB flare.

IU x Seulong – Nagging

Duet with Nation’s Little Sister!

Jo Hyuna x Park Kyung – When Where What How

One of my favorite songs ever! Also one of my first Music Monday posts and I still love it!


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