[Music Monday] Hehehehehe TeTe

So here is a man with an interesting name but without too many views. I first came across him from a Two Months song, “Romantico,” which was originally by TeTe. So from there, I was able to find the song “Floral Rain.” I don’t particularly know what I like this about this song. It’s more like I like everything, especially his incredibly soothing voice. This is a nice song I would love falling asleep to or just laying in bed with. The Acid Punk Dynamite remix is also quite good. I tend to hate electronic remixes but this one isn’t too bad.


[Music Monday] Crucial Star

I think Crucial Star is one of the my more favorite artists, which is big for me. I tend to not have that many “favorite” artists because I don’t pay attention much to it. However, when there are songs I like and someone in reoccurring, I think I may have a liking toward them. Crucial Star is one of those people. Whether it’s his own song or a song he’s featured in, I have a tendency to like them. One of my favorites by him is “Real Love.” It love how it builds up from the nice and slow intro. Crucial Star’s voice also just has this nice flow. Did I mention he also raps? Also check out “Tonight” and “I’m Okay.

Jackie Chan??

So if you haven’t already heard from Allkpop, Jackie Chan has decided to debut his own boy group! I was surprised. Extremely surprised. I wonder what had inspired the Jackie Chan to suddenly want to put out his own rookie group and even have his own company! The group will be named JJCC, pronounced “Double J.C.) with all their members in the early 20s. Jackie Chan himself participated in all stages of preparation for this five member group from finding the members to producing the album and more. I am highly anticipating this group coming from Jackie Chan and excited to see what he has in store for us.  A strong contender is coming up for the 2014 rookie line up. I hope JJCC does not disappoint! Look forward to them later on in March. 

[Music Monday] Rocking Out

This is a side of Korean music I am not too familiar with however, I sometimes find great music from it. There is a lot of Korean rock existing and I recently came across a video of Guckkasten doing their own crazy cover of “Alone” by Sistar which I love! The energy and power with their own spin was really great. So they inspired me to do a little Music Monday on the very minimal of Korean rock that I know. I wouldn’t even know if you would call these artists nitty gritty rock but this is about the closest I got. 

Alone Guckkasten by MY_DR_KR

I’ve already posted about Royal Pirates on this blog and even my personal blog so I won’t go into them but they are most definitely one of the groups I like. 

Another that I’m quite fond of is Toxic, who are a duo. They are actually making a come back with a teaser just recently released so I’m exited for that! I first came across them because I saw a picture of the drummer and I thought he was cute haha. 

NELL is also on my list even though they have a bit of a more electronic addition to their music. I don’t listen to many of their songs but some of the ones I listen to our some of my favorites.


Vampire Idols


I recently watched a few episodes of Vampire Idol and I did not expect it to be that comedic. I was laughing so hard on the first episode it was incredibly hilarious! I also watched the episode of Running Man where CN Blue was guest starring in and I couldn’t help but wonder about Lee Jonghyun. He is amazingly pale and I thought of him as a vampire. So here are some Korean stars that remind me of vampires.

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