Vampire Idols


I recently watched a few episodes of Vampire Idol and I did not expect it to be that comedic. I was laughing so hard on the first episode it was incredibly hilarious! I also watched the episode of Running Man where CN Blue was guest starring in and I couldn’t help but wonder about Lee Jonghyun. He is amazingly pale and I thought of him as a vampire. So here are some Korean stars that remind me of vampires.

1. Lee Jonghyun

lee jonghyun
s stated before, Lee Jonghyun inspired this list while I watched him running around with his tall legs and pale face on Running Man. His clean cut hairstyles add on to a devilishly handsome bloodsucker.

2. Lee Soo Hyuk, Hong Jong Hyun, Kim Woo Bin 


Of course we can’t forget about the cast of Vampire Idol. The actor/model trio have been gaining popularity as you see Soohyuk and Jonghyun hanging around YG Entertainment and modeling while Woo Bin was found as the bad guy on The Heirs.

3. Ga-In

She has been making her mark with her recent mature and sexy comeback concepts. The vampire inside her will seduce you before she takes a bite.

4. Sohee













Don’t let her cute looks fool you. She has the looks for a potential vampire.

5. T.O.P
That stare already controls the hearts and minds of fangirls everywhere. It won’t be long until he sucks your blood. 

6. Himchan
He has already admitted to being an alien from another planet. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was also a Vampire.

7. Donghae

I was actually debating between Siwon and Donghae and then I even considered Eunhyuk who has a more defined facial structure. But eh, Donghae is my bias.




5 thoughts on “Vampire Idols

  1. I’ve also started watching Vampire Idol :D…but sadly I stopped because I couldn’t find episode 7. I realized that only episodes 8-40 were uploaded online on VampireIdolFansub…do you know where I can find more episodes online? I’m really enjoying it ;^; it would be a shame just to stop because I couldn’t find the rest!

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