[Music Monday] Rocking Out

This is a side of Korean music I am not too familiar with however, I sometimes find great music from it. There is a lot of Korean rock existing and I recently came across a video of Guckkasten doing their own crazy cover of “Alone” by Sistar which I love! The energy and power with their own spin was really great. So they inspired me to do a little Music Monday on the very minimal of Korean rock that I know. I wouldn’t even know if you would call these artists nitty gritty rock but this is about the closest I got. 

Alone Guckkasten by MY_DR_KR

I’ve already posted about Royal Pirates on this blog and even my personal blog so I won’t go into them but they are most definitely one of the groups I like. 

Another that I’m quite fond of is Toxic, who are a duo. They are actually making a come back with a teaser just recently released so I’m exited for that! I first came across them because I saw a picture of the drummer and I thought he was cute haha. 

NELL is also on my list even though they have a bit of a more electronic addition to their music. I don’t listen to many of their songs but some of the ones I listen to our some of my favorites.



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