[Music Monday] The World is So Cold

There has been a recent horrible tragedy that hit South Korea with the Sewol Ferry carrying 400-500 passengers, 300 of them being high school students on a field trip, sinking. 193 were bodies found and 109 still missing. It’s difficult to grasp a situation and tragedy with one you have not experienced, but being a high school student myself, my heart goes out to those being affected by such a loss. But on top of this tragedy, there are investigations for crimes committed by the captain, who left the passengers to sink with the boat as he made his own escape along with members of the crew.

The K-pop scene had been quiet for awhile due to the mourning all over South Korea. Music shows have stopped, promotions were halted, and comebacks were delayed. Fittingly, Akdong Musician had released the song, “Melted” which is the song for this week. It’s a song that tries to see the light and reason for this cold world. I give props to Akdong Musician being such a young duo but still able to sing about such a serious topic that many people nowadays do not take into consideration. Not thinking of the suffering of the world, but only their own desirable needs. I myself am a victim to such selfishness.


[Music Monday] WONDERFUL

So many times, as I try to help other people online find some music they like, I would come across a gem suggested by someone. This gem is “Wonderful” by Casker. Although I’m not always fond of electronic pop songs, I couldn’t help but really like this one. I also surprisingly haven’t even heard of the name Casker and expected a soft coffee shop song. “Wonderful” doesn’t have many views but it definitely needs more.

Primary and the Messengers


Since I somewhat recently not that recently received a Primary and the Messengers CD from my close friend I would like to express my love for the producer.

Primary is the box guy that you times see randomly around the K-pop scene. He’s garnered quite a bit of attention recently and I find him to be one of the artists and I am fond of. You would usually tend to find his music sung by Zion.T or featuring other hip hop artists. He has a old school hip hop/RnB/electronic/funky/jazzy (if that really explained anything) feel to his music.

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