Primary and the Messengers


Since I somewhat recently not that recently received a Primary and the Messengers CD from my close friend I would like to express my love for the producer.

Primary is the box guy that you times see randomly around the K-pop scene. He’s garnered quite a bit of attention recently and I find him to be one of the artists and I am fond of. You would usually tend to find his music sung by Zion.T or featuring other hip hop artists. He has a old school hip hop/RnB/electronic/funky/jazzy (if that really explained anything) feel to his music.

The first song I ever came across was See Through featuring Zion.T. I never heard of either of them before but I really enjoyed the song.  This was also my first glimpse of Zion.T who features in many of primary’s songs and shows up quite a bit in the K-hiphop scene. This song was something I never heard of in K-pop and was probably the doorway into anything K-hiphop for me.

Somehow, this box guy kept showing up. There was a time when I was becoming obsessed with DMTN (previously known as Dalmatian) and I found that Jeesu did a cover of “Love” by Primary. I fell in love with it and the song about a year ago. I was pretty excited when I finally received the CD with the song on it. This song was also my introduction to Bumkey who was featuring in songs for the longest time until he finally came out with his own single and debuted with his group TROY.

And then after my obsession with Primary I found him working with some K-pop stars. Yay! He participated in INFINITE H’s album Fly High and MBLAQ’s album Sexy Beat. I’ll just say that Fly High is one of my favorite albums and I really liked their songs. AND LOOK! Another appearance by Zion.T.

I also found out that Primary also has a band called Primary Skool. They focus more on the jazzy and funky side of hip hop.

There you have it! Just a glimpse of the songs I’ve come to love by Primary. There are just so much more that I haven’t even been able to add. If you have the time, I suggest browsing around Primary and his great songs and take it as a doorway to the world of K-Hiphop.




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