[Music Monday] Non-title track songs?

Hello so sorry for the lack of posts due to AP Testing but I’ll make it up with a playlist! Yay! For the K-pop Music Monday by Eat Your Kimchi, they spoke about their favorite songs that WEREN’T title tracks. So as a follow-up, I’ll add on to their list with some of my favorite non-title track songs!

Wonder Girls – Girlfriend (Wonder Party)

Block B – Romantically (Blockbuster)

BTS – Road (2 Cool 4 Skool)

K.Will ft. Beenzino – Come to my Crib (The Third Album P.1)

Infinite – Because [Sunggyu Solo] (Over the Top)

BIGBANG – But I Love You [G-dragon Solo] (Hot Issue)

JJ Project – Before This Song Ends ft. Suzy (Bounce)

B.A.P – It’s All Lies (Power)

Brown Eyed Girls – Recipe (Black Box)

2pm – Today Marks the First Day (Grown)

EXO – Baby Don’t Cry (XOXO)


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