[Current Obsession #1] Gap Dong

Oh hello. Since I started this K-pop blog due to my obsession with Korean entertainment, I thought I would have a lot of posts. However, as you can see from previous posts, I do not. It is mainly due to the fact that I have an inability to keep a topic. Therefore, I will just start a segment called Current Obsessions which will feature me going on about what I am currently into hohohohohoho. Okay let’s begin.

Since I must save some of my current obsessions for later posts, I will just write this one about Gap Dong. If you haven’t heard of Gap Dong, you should hear about Gap Dong. I’m not a big fan of those cheesy and romantic Korean dramas that feature an indecisive female lead that cannot choose between Hot Boy A and Hot Boy B (both most likely rich while she is not). Instead, I started watching Gap Dong (Memories of Murder). The series is based off of the Hwaseong Serial Murders in South Korea that took place between 1986 and 1991. Now here is the reason why I even decided to watch this. Lee Joon. Yes. Lee Joon. The 바보 from MBLAQ. I actually first saw this drama while in a Korean restaurant and it was playing on TV. There were no subtitles so I had no idea what was going on but I saw Lee Joon in his creepy clown makeup.



So I went home and found this drama. Turns out, the biggest idiot on Earth plays a serial killer. Wow. This became a must see for me. As I watched the series, I couldn’t help but root for Lee Joon’s character even in the midst of the murder. Ah, I feel horrible, but I love him too much. HAHAHAHA. Please watch it for Lee Joon. He really does pull off the character well and I am very proud of my 바보 for doing a good job on this new role.


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