[Music Monday] It’s the Phantom

Oh hello, it’s rather late for a Music Monday but I fell asleep for 6 hours T^T. But there’s 20 minutes left until midnight so I will talk about a song!

Phantom is a group that I was fond of since pre-debut and they for sure have impressed many people since then. However, they still don’t get enough recognition they deserve! Phantom are very talented singers, rappers, and producers. All three of them rap and two of them are vocals. They have a wide range of style of songs going from slower ballad-like songs to club bangers in a single album. Sanchez’s voice is incredibly unique and you could always tell which is his. Although not you’re typical K-pop group, they can be considered by far more talented than many K-pop groups more popular than them. What I find with many of their songs is the fact that I can understand what the song is about without having to look up the lyrics because of the way they present themselves in the music video and style. “Seoul Lonely” really hits the point of being alone so much for me through the music video and song that I myself can’t help but feel lonely too. Check out Phantom guys!


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