The Best of K-pop


For my English final, my teacher made us do a presentation using a Google Presentation full of pictures. The topics he gave us were “The Best,” “The Worst,” or a “How To.” So we either talk about the best of something, the worst of something, or make a tutorial. Now, whenever I have freedom to do what I want in school, I think hey, let’s incorporate K-pop to make this somewhat enjoyable. So that’s exactly what I did. At first, I started it as “How to Fully Enjoy K-pop” but then I realized no one wants to fully enjoy K-pop in my class so I might as well make it more amusing to myself by making it “The Best of K-pop.” Okay honestly though, this was originally a joke. I wasn’t going to make it a K-pop presentation but procrastination kills and I couldn’t think of anything else so I just did it. Here’s pretty much how the presentation went. Please excuse the presenter voice I’ll be using. (I got an A in the class 😀 )

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[Music Monday] Vodka Rain

Today is actually Tuesday but I’ve been late before so it’s alright! I contemplated making this into a “Current Obsessions” but a Music Tuesday will do. So I came  across a nice K-indie band called Vodka Rain and for some reason I’ve been really into their song “보고싶어.” I don’t even know what it means in English. According to Google, it means something along the lines of  “I want to see you” or “I miss you.” Nevertheless, I really love the whole mood and sound of the song. Really happy I came across a great band.