The Best of K-pop


For my English final, my teacher made us do a presentation using a Google Presentation full of pictures. The topics he gave us were “The Best,” “The Worst,” or a “How To.” So we either talk about the best of something, the worst of something, or make a tutorial. Now, whenever I have freedom to do what I want in school, I think hey, let’s incorporate K-pop to make this somewhat enjoyable. So that’s exactly what I did. At first, I started it as “How to Fully Enjoy K-pop” but then I realized no one wants to fully enjoy K-pop in my class so I might as well make it more amusing to myself by making it “The Best of K-pop.” Okay honestly though, this was originally a joke. I wasn’t going to make it a K-pop presentation but procrastination kills and I couldn’t think of anything else so I just did it. Here’s pretty much how the presentation went. Please excuse the presenter voice I’ll be using. (I got an A in the class 😀 )


The Music Videosbestofkpop1



Okay number one, the music videos. In addition to colorful flashy lights, crazy stage outfits, and awesome choreography in a box, the best part of K-pop music videos that you can’t find else where is the mini Korean drama music videos. Look at this picture. It’s a guy crying in the middle of the road at night with blood on his face. Doesn’t this just look dramatic? The music video was 6 minutes long! I’ve seen music videos that are half an hour long! Some bands take two songs and make two part stories with two music videos! They made a better love story than Twilight in 6 minutes! The time, effort, and money put into the production of a music video makes me incredibly excited to watch them when they come out. Ah so good!


The Choreography

Speaking of awesome choreography in videos, it really is AWESOME choreography. A lot of the times people don’t see the K-pop stars as awesome dancers. There are a lot of dance practice videos that are released showing them in the practice room dancing and doing their thing. The moves are complicated but fit so well in 4-13 member groups. They have to move fast and always into position. Ughh it’s just one of my favorite parts to watch their dances.


The Music Showsbestofkpop3

Music Core. Music Bank. M Countdown. Inkigayo. Show Champion. All those music shows! Idols probably perform every week during promotion time and remember that awesome choreography mentioned earlier? Yeah, they have to do that while singing live too! They deserve some recognition for the fatigue that comes from all those performances.


The Membersbestofkpop2

Once you find a group that you like, you get attached to the members. Interviews and variety shows you start calling them your idiots. For some reason, there is a satisfying feeling that comes from being able to name all 15 members of Super Junior. See that picture? All those boys on the left. Believe it or not they are all different people and I can name them all. Yup. It’s a skill.



One really awesome thing that happens in the K-pop world is lightsticks! There are always custom lightsticks are K-pop groups along with a fanclub name and fanclub color. These lightsticks are really cool looking and you wave them around at concerts. It’s really cool looking into the crowd to see the sea of lightsticks and everyone waving it to the beat of the songs.


Look at how awesome it looks!



Variety Showsbestofkpop5

Last but not least, the variety shows. They’re like reality shows but hilarious and have no shame. This isn’t like Real World or Jersey Shore. Look at this picture, they’re all dressed up as Kangaroos. When the K-pop stars go on these variety shows they have to expect to look like an idiot but that’s okay because they’re human too! It gives a sense of their personality and relating to them more. It makes them seem more down to Earth. Who here has watched Heirs? You see that man? That’s Kim Woo Bin. He is a model/actor and he is wearing a Kangaroo suit.


Let me know of anymore parts of K-pop that makes you think that it’s the best! I want to know there are humans out there reading the stuff on my blog!


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