[Current Obsessions #4] STRESS, COME ON!

I wanted to make this a Music Monday but I should at least keep that on Mondays (even though I don’t end up posting anything anyway). For some strange reason I ended up getting obsessed with this weird song, “Stress, Come On!” It is the debut song for the new boy band Big Byung, which is a group that we should most definitely look out for! The members of Big Byung include Yook Duk, Wang Kong, Hyuk-ddi, and Deol Baegi (still can’t decide on a bias). The song has such meaningful lyrics that I was able to relate to and some of the members surprised me with their rapping skills! Duble Brave Tiger really outdid themselves as up and coming producers! I hope to see more of them! And if you haven’t watched the reality show about the struggles of debuting, you totally need to check it out! “Hitmaker” is an awesome show that started with their formation up until their debut! You’ll learn to appreciate them more!


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