[Music Mondays] 1TYM

I just realized how long it’s been since I posted on this blog, so I deeply apologize for my lack of activity. But it’s sad to say that the K-pop phase in my life is slowly fading and I am not the squealing fan girl I used to be. Yet, that hasn’t stopped me from listening to an overwhelming amount of Korean music, so let’s not be sad. I still have an array of music ready to be shared with the world! Let’s talk about 1TYM and about how they are pretty awesome and I saw Danny Im once and I don’t think I realized it was him. DANNY IM <3.

1TYM is a YG boy group that started way before BIGBANG and Teddy’s previous boy group (ya’know that one awesome producer in YG). I went through a phase where `1TYM was super awesome and senpai status. I still love them, so let’s just drop a song here. This was one of the first few songs mainly rapped based in Korean that I liked. I actually don’t like a lot of rap based songs…unless it’s YG for some reason. But they also do other music like listen to this one cause it’s beautiful.


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