Choreography FAVORITES (pt1)

Since I am incredibly indecisive, I’m not going to rank the videos in any order. This is just a compilation of a few of the many choreography that I’ve grown fond of in the realm of K-pop. This is a personal favorite list and you’re most likely not going to see that many iconic dances such as Sorry Sorry or Gee, but hey you might discover more! This post will focus on the choreography I find really impressive in skill and technicality.


I LOVE Afterschool in terms of their choreography. They really do some unique stuff and can really pull off a great amount of dances and make ANYTHING look good. Their style is able to be portrayed as sexy and mature, but it doesn’t extend too much. Favorites from them include First Love and Flashback. Seriously, THEY’RE POLE DANCING! Although there is a taboo with pole dancing, I really really like their take on it and it’s most definitely original and fresh. They did a great job incorporating it into their dance. Not to mention their tap dancing video too! And who doesn’t love Orange Caramel’s choreo?


For female soloists, HA:TFELT (YeEun from Wonder Girls) puts on a FANTASTIC performance with her artistic choreography in “Ain’t Nobody.” It’s most definitely different than your typical K-pop choreography and may not appeal to all, but gosh darn it she did a great job. High recommend watching and giving her some support.


On the JYP note, I’ve consistently loved 2PM’s choreography. They are one of the older groups in K-pop nowadays and I think they’ve established a very solid and consistent image of themselves. They like to be viewed as the mature super cool gentlemanly type and they can REALLY pull it off (well I mean let’s not forget their party side like in Crazy). 2PM has great athleticism and they all show to be amazing dancers. I really love the choreography that 2PM brings to the table because it fits the song and image they go for and it does great wonders for them. AND I’M ANGRY THEY TOOK DOWN THE FULL DANCE VERSION OF “I’m Your Man” I LOVE THAT DANCE OMG.

Jay Park

2PM isn’t the only success. Former member Jay Park is also doing GREAT and I think him leaving the group has let him pursue a lot of things he couldn’t have done as a K-pop star, especially doing some sick choreo. I mean, it’s Jay Park. There’s really not much to say about his dances. Well choreographed and performed by a talented dancer.


Sometimes compared to Jay Park, Taeyang is also very highly up the ranks in great dancers of the K-pop world. Taeyang is really on a different level when it comes to choreography and I think it’s something a lot of fans worldwide have acknowledged. His dancing is spectacular.


Okay, if you haven’t noticed, I’m not the greatest SM stan (besides EXO). However, I am consistently wowed by some of SHINee’s recent stuff and I REALLY liked “View.” Although their choreography is pretty great on several levels and they pull it off with a certain swagger that honestly, only SM has. SM has their own kind of style in their choreography and I think it works for SHINee.


Talking about special style, BTS has their own very unique style of dancing that really emphasizes lots of powerful and clean, quick movements. I seriously love their choreography for like EVERYTHING! The three in the dance line (Jeongguk, J-Hope, and Jimin) are some Dope dancers and I love how J-hope has cute little segments each time. Every time they release a video, there’s a dance practice for it uploaded too! I love that fact.


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