[Current Obsession] HISTORY

It’s really sad getting into groups that have already disbanded but it never stops me from doing so anyway. Even during FINALS WEEK. But freal History was MASSIVELY SLEPT ON. They were pretty charismatic and also HOT AS FUCK. Have you seen Kyungil? He literally oozes sex. He’s also part of Nuthang, the celebrity friend group EVERYONE wishes they were in (GD, TOP, Lee Soo Hyuk, etc.). Being in that group brings major brownie points like 1000000000000.

Also Queen is a major bop and Kyungil’s abs in Might Just Die was amazing and the crotch rub in Psycho and the music video for What am I to You (Kijeong’s undies) are all great points that have distracted me from studying.

HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THE LIVE PERFORMANCE OF QUEEN THEY’RE SERIOUSLY HOT AS FUCK. The only other group I’ve ever had similar feelings of thirst for is 2PM, Gods of Sex.


Also, Jaeho started doing solo stuff under the name Nano with Kijeong  (J.Pearl) producing some tracks so please support!! Punishment slaps





Some time came along and I was just chilling in my apartment when the random gorilla arm movements of NCT U – Boss crept upon me. “I’m gonna learn the choreography to Boss!” I told my roommate. An hour later I’m pooped and I got about 15 seconds down in the first part of the chorus. YIKES.

Now I’m taking a break on my laptop and decided it’s time for another post. A choreo post! K-pop choreography has been really blowin’ my mind lately so here are some of favorites.

NCT U – Boss

Way V – Comeback

SEVENTEEN – Good to Me

ATEEZ – Hala Hala

EXO – Ooh La La La

Stray Kids – Get Cool

Seulgi x Chungha x SinB x Soyeon – Wow Thing

A-Pink – I’m So Sick

OK I’m drawing a blank now and don’t remember anyone else. I promise I don’t stan SM but to be honest I’m in love with their choreography. But the dances these days in K-pop are A+++++ especially NCT and Seventeen. Sorry I don’t stan enough girl groups. Please support KNK their recent comeback was also amazing and they deserve some love.


So, it’s pretty rare that I post anything nowadays just because I’ve been quite busy, but something that really caught my attention is that Nick&Sammy do not get nearly as much views as they deserve.

They’re so good!!! They’re lyrics never fail to make me flutter coupled with great and artistic MVs and head bopping beats make them worth SO MUCH MORE than the less than 100k views they have on their vids. They’re lyric video dropped for #Valentine and I can’t believe it’s still below 500 views.


Wanna Vibe?

17My favorite chill songs with some sickkkkkk beats (that you may not know ;))

G.soul – bad habit

LambC – Love Like That

Verbal Jint – Elegant Bitch ft. Sangchu

MINZY, Jay Park – Flashlight

offonoff – cigarette ft. Miso, Tablo

offonoff – Dance

SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Unit) – Monday to Saturday 

ONE – Gettin’ By

BASTARZ – Nobody But You

DAVII – Don’t You Worry ft Junhyung


DPR Live, Hyuk Woo Kwon, Jay Park – Right Here 

Code Kunst – PARACHUTE ft. Oh Hyuk, Dok2

offonoff, listen to them.

Hey so if you haven’t heard of offonoff yet, then you really should. The two artists that make up the group, Colde and 0Channe, will  soothe you with their smooth vibes and chill beats. Some of their songs feature big names like DEAN or Tablo from Epik High. They’re under Club Eskimo but also signed under HIGHGRND alongside artists like Hyukoh and Punchnello. LISTEN TO THEM CAUSE YOU WON’T REGRET IT ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANNA SIMP CAUSE THEY HAVE ULTIMATE SIMPIN MUSIC.

Cigarette ft. Miso and Tablo


[Music Monday] Day6

Day6 has captured my heart with all of their releases and I can’t seem to stop replaying their new heartfelt breakup song “You Were Beautiful” because it is absolutely beautiful. The mesmerizing lyrics combined with the reel of romantic moments between the couple (although the first half with the main actress alone wasn’t as impressive). Nevertheless, their songs never fail to hit me right in the feels ever since “Congratulations.” Planning to release 2 songs every month this year, Day6 is most definitely a band to look out for because they are amazing! Make sure you read the lyrics too because I can’t even explain how great they are not to mention their heavenly vocals from each member (except Dowoon lol).