Hi, I was supposed to post this yesterday while at home sick, but I never really got around to it whoo. Well, I just discovered this song about two days ago and all I could say is what an interesting mixture of cultures and an eclectic array of vocabulary. Some of these lyrical geniuses really blew me away. ORCA NINJAS GO RAMBO

Best Comeback of 2015

It’s still really early to say but I think we’ve got the best comeback of 2015 already released. Just when I was thinking that I needed a new post, I went on Youtube and in my subsciption box, a beautiful new video popped up as I scrolled down the long list. Honestly, I was so confused as to why they weren’t able to win the Best Rookie Award in 2014, but they really proved themselves once again. Big Byung, you are amazing. HWAITING~~! ❤

[Music Monday] Happy Thoughts

Today was a pretty rough day for reasons I know not. I was just an emotional mess and everytime I’m an emotional mess, it usually means I spent a good amount of time crying. The thing is, I was so confused and lost that I don’t even think I can pinpoint specific points that contributed to my tears. And things that I usually say wouldn’t matter, mattered a whole lot. Well, a bittersweet feeling that I actually hate is nostalgia. However, this song is a song that when I was younger, (like 6 years ago), was a good song to cheer me up. At the time I was also in my obsessed BIGBANG phase and I actually really miss those times. Ah.. nostalgia. This isn’t even that old.

[Music Monday] Y’all Are Born Haters

Haha just kidding. My only hater is my sister. Anyway I’ve been extremely obsessed with this song for some reason. I always wondered how it was possible to like Korean rap when rap is so reliant on the power of the lyrics that I cannot understand. Ehhhh but I still like it. This was a really nice mush of a lot of the new YG artists plus Beenzino and Verbal Jint ^.^. I also loved how they filmed it with each one in their own little room. Yes it’s still Monday… for me.

[Music Monday] KILL EM

I actually haven’t really posted anything in awhile and I actually haven’t noticed my lack o posts until now. It’s been over a month since the last one on this blog, but my personal blog had been updated. I think my school work has really been taking a toll on me, and I have really been losing that passion for K-pop I previously had. But nevertheless, there is still a whole bunch of songs! This song came up today when my friend was speaking about Ailee and her appearance on Running Man. So this song will be one that Ailee is featured in! Yay! I was telling her about this awesome song with, oh did I mention, Jay Park, J.Reyez, DFD, and many more! Anyway, a lot of y’all have probably heard this song and a lot of y’all probably haven’t. Without out much further adieu, here it is!

Yay Rap!

Bonus song because I’ve been gone for so long!

[Current Obsessions #4] STRESS, COME ON!

I wanted to make this a Music Monday but I should at least keep that on Mondays (even though I don’t end up posting anything anyway). For some strange reason I ended up getting obsessed with this weird song, “Stress, Come On!” It is the debut song for the new boy band Big Byung, which is a group that we should most definitely look out for! The members of Big Byung include Yook Duk, Wang Kong, Hyuk-ddi, and Deol Baegi (still can’t decide on a bias). The song has such meaningful lyrics that I was able to relate to and some of the members surprised me with their rapping skills! Duble Brave Tiger really outdid themselves as up and coming producers! I hope to see more of them! And if you haven’t watched the reality show about the struggles of debuting, you totally need to check it out! “Hitmaker” is an awesome show that started with their formation up until their debut! You’ll learn to appreciate them more!

[Current Obsessions #3] K-electronica?

Okay I actually don’t even like that much of electronic music but life happens and I found a new interest. SO what is this K-electronica? I don’t even know. I didn’t even know it was a word. This K-electronica is a bit different in a sense that it’s not just random computer noises. Maybe it’s the vocals but sometimes they can be somewhat relaxing.

Humming Urban Stereo – Bullshit ft. Narsha (pretty much what I’m obsessed with right now)


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