Choreography FAVORITES (pt1)

Since I am incredibly indecisive, I’m not going to rank the videos in any order. This is just a compilation of a few of the many choreography that I’ve grown fond of in the realm of K-pop. This is a personal favorite list and you’re most likely not going to see that many iconic dances such as Sorry Sorry or Gee, but hey you might discover more! This post will focus on the choreography I find really impressive in skill and technicality.

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[Music Monday] Non-title track songs?

Hello so sorry for the lack of posts due to AP Testing but I’ll make it up with a playlist! Yay! For the K-pop Music Monday by Eat Your Kimchi, they spoke about their favorite songs that WEREN’T title tracks. So as a follow-up, I’ll add on to their list with some of my favorite non-title track songs!

Wonder Girls – Girlfriend (Wonder Party)

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Why are you in Japan!?

As much as we love Japan, we hate it when K-pop celebrities go over seas. Well, I know I do. What does “starting promotions in Japan” even mean? It means no Korean promotions. NO. KOREAN. PROMOTIONS. It feels as though they disappear off the face of the Earth for the time being, and not because they’re preparing for a comeback. Here are my thoughts about Japanese promotions.

K-pop group BIGBANG performs at the Tokyo Dome in Japan

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