[Music Monday]Block B – Walking in the Rain

Every time Block B comes out with a new album I get super excited! Not only do they have some of the most entertaining music videos, I love Zico’s musical genius and lately, it seems he has been in love with all his recent releases…

With their recent releases of Toy and A Few Years Later, they most definitely took a more tamed approach with this album (just don’t listen to Bingeul Bingeul). I was digging Toy but not as much as some of their other songs. There are few groups/artists that I would listen to their entire album to scope out a good song and Block B is one of them. So, I listened to the entire Blooming Period album to find this gem, Walking in the Rain. Hands down, it is my favorite song off this album and deserves a listen. I find the lyrics pretty darn adorable too!

Also, Taeil’s voice is always heavenly.


[Music Monday] Non-title track songs?

Hello so sorry for the lack of posts due to AP Testing but I’ll make it up with a playlist! Yay! For the K-pop Music Monday by Eat Your Kimchi, they spoke about their favorite songs that WEREN’T title tracks. So as a follow-up, I’ll add on to their list with some of my favorite non-title track songs!

Wonder Girls – Girlfriend (Wonder Party)

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Deep Voiced K-pop


One of my favorite parts of K-pop are the deep voices. You usually either hate the deep voice or love the deep voice. I am incredibly fond of those deep voice rappers and sometimes they come from the most surprising person. You may come across a baby-faced idol who turns out to have a voice deeper than the pacific ocean. Here’s a list of my favorite deep voices in K-pop.

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[Music Monday] When? Where? How?

Block B had a recent successful comeback with Very Good¬†which included a solo from one their rappers, Park Kyung. For the past two weeks it’s been the go to song for me and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s a nice feel-good song that I would love to listen to while laying on a hammock under some palm trees and drinking bubble tea.

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