Choreography FAVORITES (pt1)

Since I am incredibly indecisive, I’m not going to rank the videos in any order. This is just a compilation of a few of the many choreography that I’ve grown fond of in the realm of K-pop. This is a personal favorite list and you’re most likely not going to see that many iconic dances such as Sorry Sorry or Gee, but hey you might discover more! This post will focus on the choreography I find really impressive in skill and technicality.

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[Music Monday] When I Get Paid

Prepix has been known to work with B2ST many times before, especially with choreographing many of their dances. The dance group is known in the K-pop world collaborating with C-Clown, Jay Park, and So they borrowed Yoseob to sing a song for them that they have created wonderful choreography to, as always. Check it out!

Beauty of Dance Practices

dance practice

One of the many things that we love in K-pop are the dance practice videos. Lately, they’ve become even more common than before with most promotional songs having a dance practice video released along with it. We love them but they’re usually simple videos of the K-pop star in the practice room. Most of the time you can’t even see their faces clearly. So why do we like them so much?

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