Wanna Vibe?

17My favorite chill songs with some sickkkkkk beats (that you may not know ;))

G.soul – bad habit

LambC – Love Like That

Verbal Jint – Elegant Bitch ft. Sangchu

MINZY, Jay Park – Flashlight

offonoff – cigarette ft. Miso, Tablo

offonoff – Dance

SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Unit) – Monday to Saturday 

ONE – Gettin’ By

BASTARZ – Nobody But You

DAVII – Don’t You Worry ft Junhyung


DPR Live, Hyuk Woo Kwon, Jay Park – Right Here 

Code Kunst – PARACHUTE ft. Oh Hyuk, Dok2


offonoff, listen to them.

Hey so if you haven’t heard of offonoff yet, then you really should. The two artists that make up the group, Colde and 0Channe, will  soothe you with their smooth vibes and chill beats. Some of their songs feature big names like DEAN or Tablo from Epik High. They’re under Club Eskimo but also signed under HIGHGRND alongside artists like Hyukoh and Punchnello. LISTEN TO THEM CAUSE YOU WON’T REGRET IT ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANNA SIMP CAUSE THEY HAVE ULTIMATE SIMPIN MUSIC.

Cigarette ft. Miso and Tablo


Primary and the Messengers


Since I somewhat recently not that recently received a Primary and the Messengers CD from my close friend I would like to express my love for the producer.

Primary is the box guy that you times see randomly around the K-pop scene. He’s garnered quite a bit of attention recently and I find him to be one of the artists and I am fond of. You would usually tend to find his music sung by Zion.T or featuring other hip hop artists. He has a old school hip hop/RnB/electronic/funky/jazzy (if that really explained anything) feel to his music.

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[Music Monday] Crucial Star

I think Crucial Star is one of the my more favorite artists, which is big for me. I tend to not have that many “favorite” artists because I don’t pay attention much to it. However, when there are songs I like and someone in reoccurring, I think I may have a liking toward them. Crucial Star is one of those people. Whether it’s his own song or a song he’s featured in, I have a tendency to like them. One of my favorites by him is “Real Love.” It love how it builds up from the nice and slow intro. Crucial Star’s voice also just has this nice flow. Did I mention he also raps? Also check out “Tonight” and “I’m Okay.