[Music Monday] Day6

Day6 has captured my heart with all of their releases and I can’t seem to stop replaying their new heartfelt breakup song “You Were Beautiful” because it is absolutely beautiful. The mesmerizing lyrics combined with the reel of romantic moments between the couple (although the first half with the main actress alone wasn’t as impressive). Nevertheless, their songs never fail to hit me right in the feels ever since “Congratulations.” Planning to release 2 songs every month this year, Day6 is most definitely a band to look out for because they are amazing! Make sure you read the lyrics too because I can’t even explain how great they are not to mention their heavenly vocals from each member (except Dowoon lol).



The Best of K-pop


For my English final, my teacher made us do a presentation using a Google Presentation full of pictures. The topics he gave us were “The Best,” “The Worst,” or a “How To.” So we either talk about the best of something, the worst of something, or make a tutorial. Now, whenever I have freedom to do what I want in school, I think hey, let’s incorporate K-pop to make this somewhat enjoyable. So that’s exactly what I did. At first, I started it as “How to Fully Enjoy K-pop” but then I realized no one wants to fully enjoy K-pop in my class so I might as well make it more amusing to myself by making it “The Best of K-pop.” Okay honestly though, this was originally a joke. I wasn’t going to make it a K-pop presentation but procrastination kills and I couldn’t think of anything else so I just did it. Here’s pretty much how the presentation went. Please excuse the presenter voice I’ll be using. (I got an A in the class 😀 )

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The K-pop Lingo

kpop vocab

I’ve come to the realization that K-pop fangirls have their own vocabulary. At first, I thought they were normal, but when I used them around my friends, they had no clue what I was really talking about. So then, here’s a list of K-pop lingo that I will use in my blog. As I find the need to define more, I will add on with another post.

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