Wanna Vibe?

17My favorite chill songs with some sickkkkkk beats (that you may not know ;))

G.soul – bad habit

LambC – Love Like That

Verbal Jint – Elegant Bitch ft. Sangchu

MINZY, Jay Park – Flashlight

offonoff – cigarette ft. Miso, Tablo

offonoff – Dance

SEVENTEEN (Hip Hop Unit) – Monday to Saturday 

ONE – Gettin’ By

BASTARZ – Nobody But You

DAVII – Don’t You Worry ft Junhyung


DPR Live, Hyuk Woo Kwon, Jay Park – Right Here 

Code Kunst – PARACHUTE ft. Oh Hyuk, Dok2


The Best of K-pop


For my English final, my teacher made us do a presentation using a Google Presentation full of pictures. The topics he gave us were “The Best,” “The Worst,” or a “How To.” So we either talk about the best of something, the worst of something, or make a tutorial. Now, whenever I have freedom to do what I want in school, I think hey, let’s incorporate K-pop to make this somewhat enjoyable. So that’s exactly what I did. At first, I started it as “How to Fully Enjoy K-pop” but then I realized no one wants to fully enjoy K-pop in my class so I might as well make it more amusing to myself by making it “The Best of K-pop.” Okay honestly though, this was originally a joke. I wasn’t going to make it a K-pop presentation but procrastination kills and I couldn’t think of anything else so I just did it. Here’s pretty much how the presentation went. Please excuse the presenter voice I’ll be using. (I got an A in the class 😀 )

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[Music Monday] Vodka Rain

Today is actually Tuesday but I’ve been late before so it’s alright! I contemplated making this into a “Current Obsessions” but a Music Tuesday will do. So I came  across a nice K-indie band called Vodka Rain and for some reason I’ve been really into their song “보고싶어.” I don’t even know what it means in English. According to Google, it means something along the lines of  “I want to see you” or “I miss you.” Nevertheless, I really love the whole mood and sound of the song. Really happy I came across a great band.


[Music Monday] It’s the Phantom

Oh hello, it’s rather late for a Music Monday but I fell asleep for 6 hours T^T. But there’s 20 minutes left until midnight so I will talk about a song!

Phantom is a group that I was fond of since pre-debut and they for sure have impressed many people since then. However, they still don’t get enough recognition they deserve! Phantom are very talented singers, rappers, and producers. All three of them rap and two of them are vocals. They have a wide range of style of songs going from slower ballad-like songs to club bangers in a single album. Sanchez’s voice is incredibly unique and you could always tell which is his. Although not you’re typical K-pop group, they can be considered by far more talented than many K-pop groups more popular than them. What I find with many of their songs is the fact that I can understand what the song is about without having to look up the lyrics because of the way they present themselves in the music video and style. “Seoul Lonely” really hits the point of being alone so much for me through the music video and song that I myself can’t help but feel lonely too. Check out Phantom guys!

[Music Monday] WONDERFUL

So many times, as I try to help other people online find some music they like, I would come across a gem suggested by someone. This gem is “Wonderful” by Casker. Although I’m not always fond of electronic pop songs, I couldn’t help but really like this one. I also surprisingly haven’t even heard of the name Casker and expected a soft coffee shop song. “Wonderful” doesn’t have many views but it definitely needs more.

Behind the Header Image


My header image for this blog contains a combination of different Korean celebrities. The five that I chose specifically are used to represent a different part of Korean entertainment that I am familiar with. So, who exactly are these people? Here’s an explanation on why I chose them, who they are, and what part of the entertainment industry they represent for me.

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[Music Monday] Song Jieun tells guys to stop giving her “False Hope”

Song Jieun released her music video for “희망고문,” or “False Hope,” on September 29th. This comeback did not disappoint. I found that the song really fitted her well and the music video portrayed the feelings of the song well. The beginning already had me fallen in love with the smooth acoustics and beat. I had my eye on her from “Going Crazy” with Bang Yong Guk of B.A.P and B.A.P’s “Secret Love” so I was anticipating her return. Not only did she look absolutely GORGEOUS, the song showed this focus on her not seen in “Going Crazy” and a new mature and sexy look. Not only did she look beautiful, her stage outfits were stunning.PicMonkey Collage

Make sure to check out her two other songs in her first album, Vintage ft. Zelo of B.A.P and Date Mate!