offonoff, listen to them.

Hey so if you haven’t heard of offonoff yet, then you really should. The two artists that make up the group, Colde and 0Channe, will  soothe you with their smooth vibes and chill beats. Some of their songs feature big names like DEAN or Tablo from Epik High. They’re under Club Eskimo but also signed under HIGHGRND alongside artists like Hyukoh and Punchnello. LISTEN TO THEM CAUSE YOU WON’T REGRET IT ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANNA SIMP CAUSE THEY HAVE ULTIMATE SIMPIN MUSIC.

Cigarette ft. Miso and Tablo



[Current Obsession #1] Gap Dong

Oh hello. Since I started this K-pop blog due to my obsession with Korean entertainment, I thought I would have a lot of posts. However, as you can see from previous posts, I do not. It is mainly due to the fact that I have an inability to keep a topic. Therefore, I will just start a segment called Current Obsessions which will feature me going on about what I am currently into hohohohohoho. Okay let’s begin.

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