Choreography FAVORITES (pt1)

Since I am incredibly indecisive, I’m not going to rank the videos in any order. This is just a compilation of a few of the many choreography that I’ve grown fond of in the realm of K-pop. This is a personal favorite list and you’re most likely not going to see that many iconic dances such as Sorry Sorry or Gee, but hey you might discover more! This post will focus on the choreography I find really impressive in skill and technicality.

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[Music Monday] TAEYANG

Sol is back and releasing his RiseĀ album. The BIGBANG Youtube page recently posted his new music video for “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Although I have always been a fan of BIGBANG, I haven’t really been following Taeyang’s activities. I wasn’t really sure when his album was coming out so this music video was a pleasant surprise. After the disappointment I received from “Ringa Linga,” I was pleased with his new video. I did not expect a slower song from him and I found that it really brought out his voice. I’ve been replaying this song for awhile too and I think that it’s great that the music video was simple and not too extreme. So Taeyang, you have redeemed yourself in my book.