Deep Voiced K-pop


One of my favorite parts of K-pop are the deep voices. You usually either hate the deep voice or love the deep voice. I am incredibly fond of those deep voice rappers and sometimes they come from the most surprising person. You may come across a baby-faced idol who turns out to have a voice deeper than the pacific ocean. Here’s a list of my favorite deep voices in K-pop.

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[Music Monday] Jay Park


Jay Park is a man of many talents being a singer, dancer, producer, and rapper. Although he left 2pm, it did not interfere with him garnering attention. I believe his leave may have been the best choice for him. It allowed him to take advantage of the freedom and pursue his own music. This month, a song that I’ve taken a liking to was “Let’s Make Up.” It has a nice old school/electronic vibe and the dance for it was upbeat. I even tried learning part of the dance.


[Music Monday] I Like You Got7 ;)

JYP’s highly anticipated boy group, Got7, finally made their debut with “Girls Girls Girls.” I was looking forward to their debut when I found out JJ Project’s JB and Jr. were a part of Got7. I pretty much waited two years since “Bounce” for their comeback. When I found out they were acting in a Korean drama my parents were watching, I flipped out at the T.V.”Girls Girls Girls” wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for from them, but you have to admit that it grows on you with an undeniably catchy beat.¬†However, the song that I want to talk about is “I Like You.”

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[Music Monday] SPICA


Let me just start off with my belief that Spica is one of the most underrated groups out there. I don’t often listen to girl groups and there are few that I actually enjoy. ***I don’t hate girl groups, I just don’t listen to them all the time. Sorry, girl groups don’t have hot boys.*** Spica is most definitely one of the groups that deserve some credit. They have powerful vocals and songs that leave quite an impression when listening to them.

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[Music Monday] C-Clown!! <3333 asdfhgjjglkfjh

Ahh, it has been awhile and now it’s a New Year! I’ve been pretty MIA a lot from the internet scene mainly due to a hectic Winter Break. Except there were three days thrown in there where I didn’t even leave the house and was probably sleeping more than actually being awake. I wrote an update on my personal blog and was going to write one for this one but then I realized, I don’t really have a plan for this blog. It’s just whatever I feel about K-pop, and of course as fangirls know, there are A LOT of feels. Feeeeeeels. So this post will be my comeback.

Speaking of comebacks, this Music Monday is on C-Clown and their recent video for “Tell Me.” Let me tell you I just flipped when I saw it because I love C-Clown. They need more recognition as a group and I really enjoy their songs. At first I was only hooked on the Australian rapper/dancer Barom Yu, but as I got more into C-Clown as a group, more and more members continue to grow on me. This little pleasant surprise was no disappointment and I really like this song right now.